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Binatang Press! is a small-scale independent publisher. Focusing in art and visual culture, we’re all about honest expressions, encouraging collaborators to voice out their observations and personal point of view.


Binatang Press is part of creative studio The 1984. Because of this background, we like to try different design and printing techniques to better represent our book titles. However, we'd like these beautiful books to be accessible as possible to our readers, so we always try to sell our books as affordable as we can. This way, we also make sure that our collaborators' voice really gets heard by the audience.





Office Address

Jl Gandaria VI/9, Kramat Pela - Jakarta 12130 



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Abandonink, BDG

Art & Science, JKT

Bandidos Records, BALI

Bendabeku Record Store, JKT

Berkah Jaya Bike, JKT

Brookland, JKT

Calo Book Shop, OSAKA

C20 Library, SBY

Cinderamata Selarsar, BDG

Corda Bike Stop, JKT

Cyclo.inc, JKT

Darlin Fixie, BALI

Domestique, JKT

Footurama, JKT

Genetica Concept Store, JOG

Grammars, BDG

Grimloc Records, BDG

House Of Rising Sun, JKT

House Warming Space, JKT

Kineruku, BDG

Kios 5A, JOG

Kios Ojo Keos, JKT

Komplekspace, BKS

Kopi Toko Djawa, BDG

Labrana, JKT

Lala Records, JKT

Langensrawa, JKT

Life Behind Bars, JKT

Museum Macan, JKT

Nasi Goreng Diplomacy, JOG

Omuniuum Books, BDG

Pasar-Pasaran, BALI

Plantation Record Store, OSAKA

Post Santa, JKT

Pon Ding Space, TAIPEI

Rurushop, JKT

Soy Division, BERLIN

Substore, TOKYO

Substore 10A, JOG

Sun Chaser Club, BGR

Sundays Bike Shop, JKT

Sunset Limited, JKT

Tempa Kultura, BALI

Temple.cc, JKT

Tobucil, BDG

Toko Rekam Jaya X Kaiju Pop Stock, MLG


Velovellas, JKT

Wildflower Bookstore, TAIPEI

WR Store, JKT